Our founder


Ryan Walshe is a cancer survivor, advocate, and campaigner for testicular cancer. In 2010, at age 20, Ryan found himself struggling for his life against testicular cancer, Ryan had cancerous testicle removed as it had spread to his lymph nodes in the back of his abdomen. He later find out that he was three weeks from death. Ryan from there went on to educate himself about his diagnosis and treatment.

During his personal battle with cancer, against odds Ryan made the decision to be known as a survivor, rather than a victim. It was at this time through recognising the lack of resources and education available to those unaware of this disease that Ryan took on the role of educating as many boys and men as possible.

In 2011, Ryan created an educational initiative Called “TalkingTesticles” with the express purpose of using education as a key to teach young men and boys about their bodies and the world around them.

In the years since, Ryan has personally devoted himself to educate thousands of young men and boys in Brighton and Hove, the work that Ryan carries out within the PSHE agenda is primarily focused on delivering educational talks to classes and has a lasting impact on the student’s lives , not only while they experience it.

In 2012, Through Ryan’s efforts to educate, he helped potentially save one 15 year old boy’s life who attended one of Ryan’s lessons and through the information given prompted himself to check therefore found something unusual and acted upon it, only to find out it was an early warning sign of testicular cancer.

In 2013, Ryan had some more news that his educational lessons are making an impact on the students’ lives as he found out that another young man acted upon the information given to find out that he did unfortunately had testicular cancer, through Ryan’s work it was able to be found early and treated and the young man is very thankful.